Repeat Dispensing — Community Pharmacy


Repeat dispensing is an alternative model for prescribing and dispensing regular medicines to patients on stable long-term treatment, where repeat supplies are managed by the patient's pharmacy of choice.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced paperwork in GP practice as repeatable batch prescriptions are produced at the same time as the original prescription
  • The pharmacist is responsible for checking issues such as adherence, and other clinical factors that are appropriate for continued supply
  • Reduced medicines waste
  • Earlier detection of medicines related problems
  • Simplified process for patient and access to regular medicines advice.

Who to Refer

  • Patients on single, stable therapy, for example, Levothyroxine
  • Patients with stable long-term conditions on multiple therapy for example,  hypertension, diabetes, asthma
  • Patients that can appropriately self-manage seasonal conditions.

Please note: when seeking/receiving advice in regard to patient care and making referrals, NHS Connecting for Health Information Governance standards and policies must be adhered to.

Who not to Refer

  • Patients with acute conditions
  • Newly diagnosed patients
  • Patients whose condition is unstable.


Pharmaceutical Services negotiating Committee (PSNC) resources on repeat dispensing

PSNC/BMA guidance for GPs on repeat dispensing

NHS Bedfordshire Medicines Management team can support practices in identifying patients suitable for repeat dispensing and setting up the service Tel 01525 636936.

Last updated: 26/04/2012

Update due: 26/04/2013