SEPT 0-19 Children's Services


An integrated, county wide, 0 - 19 service is provided by School Nursing and Health Visiting working together.

The 0 - 19 service provided to children aged 0 - 5 years and their families in Bedfordshire will be based on the Healthy Child Programme, produced by the Department of Health and updated in March 2008. The implementation of the Healthy Child Programme will ensure that every family is offered a comprehensive programme of screening, immunisations, developmental reviews and information and guidance to support healthy choices.

The Healthy Child Programme will provide individual and tailored support to ensure that children receive appropriate referrals to specialist services where indicated and that families are signposted to wider support systems.

The 0 - 19 services in Bedfordshire will deliver the core offer of the 0-5 years Healthy Child Programme, as specified by the Department of Health and consists of four levels of support:

1 Community has a range of services, including some Sure Start Children's Centre and the services families and communities provide for themselves. Health visitors work to develop these and make sure clients understand about them.

2 Universal services from the 0-19 team provide the Healthy Child Programme to ensure a healthy start for children and families (for example health and development checks), support for parents and access to a range of community services/resources.

3 Universal Plus gives clients a rapid response from the 0-19 teams when clients need specific expert help, for example with postnatal depression, a sleepless baby, weaning or answering any concerns about parenting.

4 Universal Partnership Plus provides ongoing support from the 0-19 team plus a range of local services working together and with clients, to deal with more complex issues over a period of time. These include services from Sure Start Children's Centres, other community services including charities and, where appropriate, the Family Nurse Partnership.

Who to Refer

This service will accept referrals pertaining to a child and family's health and well being. Referrals for children aged 0 - 19 (if in full time education) are accepted from children and families, midwives, education staff and schools, acute services, Safeguarding children team, GPs, social services and housing. Self referrals are also accepted. This list is not exhaustive.

Who not to Refer

Ages 0 - 5: If a child is not registered with a Bedfordshire GP or is a non Bedfordshire resident.

Ages 5 - 19: If a child is not registered with a Bedfordshire GP and is a non Bedfordshire resident and not in education services in Bedfordshire.

Last updated: 01/08/2012

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