Children's Intermediate Care Service


SEPT- Children's Intermediate Care Service

CICT works as a specialist resource for children and young people with complex medical needs and their families. CICT provide education & training to children young people and their families, empowering and supporting them to take control of their chronic condition. The service has a strong emphasis on user participation and involvement and utilises this to help improve long term outcomes for both families and the service.

The overall aims of the Children's Intermediate Care Service is to:

  • Provide evidence based care closer to home for children and young people with complex health needs, continuing health care and chronic conditions and /or recovering from acute but short term ill health
  • Support families, enabling the children and young people to be cared for at home achieving their optimum health, reducing the impact of illness on their health and wellbeing and reducing hospital attendance and admission
  • Provide clinical care to children and young people with complex health needs or disabilities who attend special schools/social care settings
  • The service aims to reduce hospital attendance and admission by doing short term acute assessment and treatment at the child's home
  • To offer  advice to other professionals involved in the Children & Young People's plan to support robust community packages of care, in partnership with wider Children's services to ensure that specialist health needs are met wherever the placement.

The service is also an integral part of transition planningfor children approaching 18 years of age who will require the support of adult services. The multi-agency assessment for transition (MAAT) gathers information which will enable Local Authorities ( or to plan for each person individually and for service providers to design the right provision (See resource section for details).

Services available

The Service consists of a multidisciplinary team comprising of a number of specialists working together to provide a co-ordinated approach to meeting the needs of children and young people with complex health needs in the community. The team include the following:

  • Children's Community Nurses - including an Epilepsy Nurse role
  • Children's Continuing Care Nurses and Specialist Community Nursery Nurses
  • Children's Respiratory Nurse
  • Paediatric Continence Adviser and Specialist Community Nursery Nurse
  • Special Needs Nurses and Specialist Community Nursery Nurses
  • Child Development Centre Nursing Team which includes Specialist Community Nursery Nurses
  • Early Support Co-ordinator.

Who to Refer

This service is offered to any child or young person with additional health needs, Specialist Service is available to any child or young person with assessed complex clinical needs be it a chronic, physical, palliative care or technology dependent need.

Please note: when seeking/receiving advice in regard to patient care and making referrals, NHS Connecting for Health Information Governance standards and policies must be adhered to.

Who not to Refer

  • Aged over 18 or 19 (if in special school education)
  • Not registered with a Bedfordshire GP (The exception being for temporary residents and vulnerable groups).


  • Every Disabled child matters (DCSF, 2010)
  • Every Child Matters (DCSC, 2003)
  • Aiming High for Disabled Children (2007)
  • Together From the Start - practical guidance for professionals working with disabled children and their families (DH & DfES 2003)
  • A Guide to the Development of Children's Palliative Care Services (2003)
  • Better Care: Better Lives (DH 2008).

Autism in Children & Young people available at

Patient Information Leaflets

Challenging a refusal to assess disabled children for specialist services such as respite/short breaks.

Choosing a service for your child - Council for Disabled children.

Children's rights to communicate their views & be listened to.

Patient Pathways

Children's community nursing referral and care pathway.

Multi Agency Assessment Tool  (MAAT) transition document on Bedford Borough

NHS Choices

Serious conditions and special needs in children

Patient Support Groups

Council for Disabled Children is the umbrella body for the disabled children's sector in England, with links to other UK nations. It works to bring together the diverse range of organisations that work with and for disabled children to support the development and implementation of policy and practice, available at

Early support programme information available at

Contact a Family brings together the families of children with special needs and gives information and advice. You can phone the free helpline on 0800 808 3556 or go to

Families United Network - Support group for Bedfordshire families with a child with a disability or special needs available at

Autism Bedfordshire - Autism Bedfordshire is an independent charity providing information, advice, emotional and practical support to individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, (A.S.C.) their parents/carers, families and associated professionals throughout Bedfordshire and Luton available at

Scope - supports disabled people and their families through practical information and support, particularly at the time of diagnosis and in a child's early years available at

Mencap - aims to work in partnership with people with a learning disability and all Mencap services support people to live life as they choose. Local branch information available at

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