Children's Eye Services


The Children's Eye Service is provided by Ophthalmologists and Orthoptists who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions by medical and surgical means.

  • Specialist Ophthalmic and Orthoptic services for children in community clinics across Bedfordshire including Looked After Children
  • Specialist clinics for children with special needs at Child Development Centre and Special Schools across Bedfordshire
  • Vision screening at aged 4-5 years in Bedfordshire.


Where the Service is Based

  • Enhanced Services Centre (Bedford)
  • Child Development Centre (CDC - Bedford)
  • Liverpool Road Health Centre (Luton)
  • Wigmore Lane Health Centre (Luton)
  • Edwin Lobo Centre (ELC - Luton)
  • Flitwick Health Clinic
  • Biggleswade Health Centre
  • Shefford Health Centre
  • The following special schools: Ridgeway; St John's; Sunnyside; Hillcrest; Glenwood; Lady Zia Wernher.

Who to Refer

Children aged 0-16, or 19yrs with complex medical needs in education, registered with a Bedfordshire GP

  • Children with defects of binocular vision, squint and amblyopia
  • Children with symptoms of headaches and blurred vision associated with close work, diplopia (double vision) or eye movement problems
  • Children who fail to meet agreed standards of vision at School vision test (5+ years)
  • Children whose parents/carers are concerned about their visual development or possible eye movement problems or where there is a strong family history of eye disorders
  • Children who fail to meet local and national pre-school (4-5 years) orthoptic screening standards.


Additional Information to Support Referral Criteria

On receipt of the referral the Orthoptist prioritises urgency and nearest clinic venue if not specified in referral letter.

Please note: when seeking/receiving advice in regard to patient care and making referrals, NHS Connecting for Health Information Governance standards and policies must be adhered to.

Who not to Refer

  • Patients over 18 years
  • Patients not registered with an NHS Bedfordshire GP.


Patient Information Leaflets

Eye Services in Bedfordshire


British & Irish Orthoptic Society (hyperlink to)

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