Child Protection - Safeguarding Children and Young People


Child protection/Safeguarding children & young people services

Who to Refer

Children under 18 yrs or families with children under 18 yrs at risk of abuse see When to suspect child Maltreatment

Safeguarding patient pathway

"What to do if you're worried a child is being abused"- DfES 2006

Summary flow chart guidance:

Flow Chart 1 - Referral
Flow Chart 2 - Following Initial Assessment
Flow Chart 3 - Urgent Action

General Indicators

The risk of child maltreatment is recognised as being increased and should be suspected or considered when there is:

  • parental or carer drug or alcohol abuse
  • parental or carer mental health disorders or disability of the mind
  • intra-familial violence or history of violent offending
  • previous child maltreatment in members of the family
  • known maltreatment of animals by the parent or carer
  • vulnerable and unsupported parents or carers
  • pre-existing disability in the child, chronic or long term illness

Who not to Refer

  • People over the age of 18yrs (for vulnerable adults please refer to the SOVA policy)
  • Patients where there are no concerns regarding maltreatment or abuse. For parenting or developmental issues consider referral to the SEPT 0-19 team


Last updated: 02/07/2012

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