Urgent GP Paediatric Referrals


Urgent GP Paediatric Referrals

Paediatric Emergencies please contact the Paediatric on-call team bleep 151 -002 via the GP switchboard telephone 01223 216151

Paediatric Surgery Emergencies for children aged 12 and under the Paediatric Surgical on-call team should be contacted. The GP Liason Sisters can be contacted for children aged 13 and over: GP Liaison Sisters weekdays 8am - 6pm: bleep 156-0449 via the GP switchboard 01223 216151. Outside these hours bleep the specialty SpR on-call via GP switchboard

Urgent General Paediatric referrals should be made to the Rapid Referral Clinic via fax: 01223 586508

Last updated: 17/07/2013

Update due: 17/07/2014