Acute Paediatric Services - Luton & Dunstable Hospital


The L&D provides a full range of Acute Paediatric services to the local population.

Paediatric Outpatient Services

Children are seen in the dedicated Children's Outpatients Department run by a team of Children's Nurses, Nursery Nurses and Play Therapists. There are dedicated Phlebotomy clinics, twice weekly sweat tests; skin prick testing and the nursing team provide Epi-pen training for parents, and spirometry assessment for the respiratory team.

We provide both general paediatric clinics and specialist clinics for new patient and follow-up patients. The speciality clinics include:

Cystic Fibrosis
Neonatal follow-up
Neuro-developmental follow-up of low birth weight
Paediatric General Surgery
Paediatric Plastic Surgery
Respiratory Tuberculosis

Consultants work in partnership with Tertiary Centres, referring on for further investigations and advice, when necessary. Most paediatric problems can be dealt with locally.

Urgent Paediatric Referrals

The L&D provides a full range of Acute Paediatric services ;Paediatric Emergencies please contact the Paediatric on-call Paediatric  Specialist Registrar bleep 733  via the switchboard telephone 01582 491166

Children will be seen and reviewed on the Paediatric Assessment Unit PAU  which is located on the Paediatric Woodlands Unit

Refer Paediatric Surgery Emergencies to the Surgical on-call Registrar Bleep  361
Children will be seen in Paediatric  Emergency Department

ENT, Ophthalmology, Oro-Maxillary Facial Surgery Teams should be contacted  via switchboard  01582 491166

Urgent General Paediatric Out-patient referrals should be made by Fax to 01582 497280

Additional Advice may be sought from the Attending Paediatric Consultant, contact via Switchboard 01582 491166

Paediatric Senior Nurse Bleep Holder  01582 491166  Bleep 717 can be contacted

Who to Refer

The consultant paediatricians are always happy to discuss difficult cases and assess the urgency of referral. Please use the Choose and book portal for the advice and guidance referral. The attending team will review this portal and reply via the Choose and Book portal.

Paediatrics - Cardiology - Dr Sivakumar and Dr Somisetty

There are Paediatric Cardiology assessment clinics almost every week for preliminary assessment of cardiac murmurs or cardiac conditions, including echocardiography. Dr Sivakumar and Dr Somisetty have developed a special interest in Cardiology, and work collaboratively with our visiting Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist (Dr R Andrews) from Great Ormond Street who provides tertiary Cardiology expertise.

Paediatrics - Endocrinology and Diabetes - Dr Nathwani

Diabetes: The multi-disciplinary Diabetes team at the L&D includes two Consultant Diabetologists, two Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Diabetes dietician. In addition to Out-patient services, the team also provides a consultation and support for diabetic in-patients and for out of hours advise. All diabetic children have an annual review and for the over twelve year olds, retinopathy screening is managed and administered by the Bedfordshire Diabetes Retinopathy Screening Service based at Bedford Hospital.

Procedures provided for children and adolescents with diabetes:

  • Insulin initiation (choice of insulin treatment at diagnosis and thereafter).
  • Home blood glucose monitoring for patients.
  • Structured education for patients delivered by the Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse (for those on multiple injections an education programme 'DICE' is provided).


Paediatric patients with Endocrine problems are seen in a dedicated clinic. Patients requiring dynamic endocrine testing are admitted on a day care basis by a lead nurse. The team works very closely with the Endocrine team at Great Ormond Street.

Paediatrics - Epilepsy - Dr Gandhi

A Consultant Paediatrician who has developed a keen interest in Epilepsy in children who have no neuro-developmental concerns. Working with Dr Tekki-Rao who has paediatric Neurology and Complex Epilepsy clinics, they aim to keep the new referral waiting times down within NICE guidance. They are supported by a Paediatric Epilepsy Nurse Specialist who works closely with Luton families.

Paediatrics - Neurology and Complex Epilepsy - Dr Tekki-Rao

There are weekly New Patient clinics separated into Neurology and Complex Epilepsy (Neurology Clinics one week in five, Epilepsy Clinics three in five). Epilepsy Triage (for Luton children only) is provided by a Luton PCT Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic Nurse Specialist, who also attends most epilepsy follow-up clinics. Paediatric Neurology and complex Epilepsy should be referred to Dr Tekki-Rao, but for neuro-developmental / disability assessment, please refer to the local Community Paediatric Service (PCT).

Dr Tekki-Rao is the L&D lead Paediatric Neurologist. Difficult cases requiring a tertiary overview are seen at a quarterly joint Clinic at L&D, with Dr Tekki-Rao  and Dr Anna Maw (Visiting Consultant Outreach Service from Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge).

Paediatrics - Gastrointestinal & Allergies - Dr. Ashworth /  Dr Modi (job share)

The team support and advise on a wide variety of gut related illnesses including inflammatory bowel disease, various enteropathies, Gut dysmotility disorders (including gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and intestinal pseudobstruction), coeliac disease and children with food allergies. They provide a pH assessment service and the ability to perform impedance studies.  The case load includes a number of children requiring enteral feeds via gastrostomies and some with total parental nutrition. The team work closely with Dr Lindley Consultant at Great Ormond Street who provides tertiary gastroenterology expertise. There is a quarterly outreach clinic with Dr Keith Lindley, supporting patients locally and avoiding frequent visits to Great Ormond Street. The team is supported by a dedicated Nutrition Nurse Specialist, Dietitians, and Nursing staff.

Paediatrics - Haematology / Oncology - Dr Cheung (Haematologist) / Dr Stalin Ramprakash

Dr Ramprakash runs weekly Oncology Clinics and fortnightly Haematology Outpatient clinics. If childhood malignancy is suspected, please contact Dr Ramprakash or the Attending Paediatric Consultant (via switchboard or secretary), to arrange an urgent assessment.

The Oncology service is supported via the Network with close links with Addenbrookes Hospital. The Oncology team is supported by a lead Oncology nurse both in the hospital and within the community setting. The team have regular MDTs which includes input from the Oncology team at Addenbrookes. National and Regional guidelines are used for management of all oncology patients.

The Haematology service is supported by the adult Haematologist and Dr Chakrovathy, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist, St Mary's Hospital who is the tertiary expertise for the outreach clinic. Through this service patients with Sickle Cell disease and Thalassaemia are on a regularly follow up plan with annual review as outlined in National guidelines.

Paediatrics- Infectious Diseases- Dr. Eisenhut

A Consultant Paediatrician who has a special interest in Infectious diseases, in particular HIV and Tuberculosis. Dr Eisenhut runs clinics for children with HIV born to HIV positive mothers jointly with adult GUM Physicians and a specialist nurse. He also runs clinics for children with Tuberculosis and complications of BCG immunisation and atypical mycobacterial infections with TB specialist nurses.

Paediatrics - Respiratory & Cystic Fibrosis - Dr. Adler

A Consultant Paediatrician with special interest in Respiratory Illness and Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Dr. Adler runs the following clinics:

  • Weekly new and follow-up clinics for children with respiratory problems, asthma, other complications of atopy (including allergy), and general paediatric problems.
  • Regular joint Respiratory clinics with Paediatric Physiotherapist for children with complex respiratory needs.

Cystic Fibrosis - monthly local clinic, quarterly joint clinic with GOS Team, (Dr Suri, Respiratory Consultant from Great Ormond Street Hospital annual CF transition clinic with Papworth team.

Dr Adler also works closely with the team at The Royal Brompton Hospital for patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia.

She is the Lead consultant for children with tracheotomies and home ventilation.

Acute Consultants

The Paediatric team, since 2010, also have a group of Acute Consultants who support both out patients and in patients supporting a consultant lead service. The team of consultants support speciality consultant with ward attending, and the support of the Paediatric Assessment Unit. This ensures early review of all admissions by a senior member of the team. The team also have speciality expertise so support the following speciality services  - Diabetes, Neurodisability, Haematology/ Oncology, Allergy and Respiratory.  With this expansion a renal service has also been established.

On going

The Paediatric Unit already supports patients admitted acutely who need HDU. With the existing team and ever strengthening links with the CATs team the hospital plan to develop an actual paediatric HDU unit which will help support acutely unwell children closer to home.

Who not to Refer

There are separate PCT provided Community Paediatric Services. Children requiring assessment for special educational needs, safeguarding, general neuro-development, enuresis, encopresis, and behavioural issues; should be referred to the appropriate local PCT provided Community Paediatric service and not to the L&D Hospital.


Useful Numbers

Paediatric Reception & Enquiries
Tel: 01582 497224 Fax: 01582 497280

Paediatric Matron: Marva Desir
switchboard ext 2340

General Manager:   Tanith Ellis.  Direct line:  01582 718665
PA - Hayley Tack.  Tel:  01582 718261

Outpatients Booking Dept
Tel: 0845 127 0193

Tel: 0845 127 0127


Dr. Adler Beryl,  Respiratory,Cystic Fibrosis 01582 497583
Secretary: Patsy Lambeth 01582 497107

Dr Anne Ingram, Consultant Acute Paediatrician.  01582 497169
Secretary: Patsy Lambeth 01582 497107

Dr Trevor Hedges, Consultant Acute Paediatrician.  01582 497169
Secretary: Patsy Lambeth 01582 497107

Dr. Michael Eisenhut, Infectious Diseases.  01582 718294 
Secretary:  Angela Stafford, 01582 718027

Dr Stalin Ramprakash, Oncology / Haematology,  01582 718371. 
Secretary:  Angela Stafford, 01582 718027

Dr. Nisha Nathwani, Clinical Director for Paediatrics, Endocrinology and Diabetes.  01582 718173   Secretary:  Hayley Tack, 01582 718261

Dr Ronald Misquith, Consultant Acute Paediatrician, 01582 497169.  
Secretary:  Hayley Tack, 01582 718261.

Dr.  Vana Gandhi, Safeguarding Children Lead Consultant, Epilepsy. 01582 718025  Secretary:  Carol Lander 01582 497203.

Dr. Sreeni Tekki-Rao Neurology and Epilepsy, 01582 718324.  Secretary:  Carol Lander, 01582 497203.

Dr Archana Joshi, Consultant Acute Paediatrician.  01582 718025
Secretary:  Carol Lander, 01582 497203.

Dr. Meena Ashworth (previously known as Dr. Meena Rao), Consultant Paediatrics. Secretary: Margaret Watson, 01582 718371

Dr Anita Modi, currently a Locum Consultant in Gastroenterology.  Ext 2770.  Secretary: Margaret Watson, 01582 718371

Dr Tomasz Rajkowski, Consultant Acute Paediatrician, 01582 718294
Secretary:  Margaret Watson, 01582 718371

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