Acute Paediatric Services at Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust (provided by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust)


Urgent GP Paediatric Referrals

The On Call Paediatric Registrar will take GP calls for any child Under 18 with either medical or surgical concerns: 01480 416 416 and request Bleep On Call Paeds Registrar (1156).

A SSPAU (Short Stay Paeds assessment Unit) is provided. Children are normally told to come straight to The assessment unit at Holly ward.

Non-Urgent Paediatric Referrals

Details for Paediatric Outpatients services can be found on

Appointments; 01480 423150 / 423151 - Outpatients or Assessment at Holly Ward.

Referrals to this service can be made by: Referrals for children aged 0 to 19 (if in full time education) are accepted from children and families, midwives, education staff and schools, acute services, Safeguarding children, GPs, social services and housing.

Self referrals are also accepted.

Contact details: Jacqueline Banks
Community Services Support Manager
01582 532846

Last updated: 19/07/2013

Update due: 19/07/2014