Ophthalmology at Bedford Hospital


The Bedford Hospital Ophthalmology Service is provided by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as a subcontractor to Bedford Hospital.  Outpatient facilities are available at the Bedford Hospital site and the Enhanced Services Centre at the North Wing site.  Surgery is offered at the main hospital site

The service provided

Moorfields works to a subspecialisation within the ophthalmology service and will triage the patients into the following subspecialties:

  • Acute Clinic - same day/ next day urgent referrals and telephone advice
  • General ophthalmology - minor eye conditions that can be seen and treated on the same day with minimal follow up
  • Cataract - patients who meet the threshold criteria
  • Glaucoma - as per NICE guidance
  • Medical Retina, including diabetic retinopathy and Age related macular disease, treatment will be undertaken locally and chronic uvetitis care
  • External and corneal eye disease
  • Adnexal and oculoplastics
  • Strabismus for adults and children
  • Paediatric ophthalmology
  • Vitro-retinal - outpatient work only, emergency work will be transferred to Addenbrookes or Moorfields City Road.

Information for patients

Our philosophy is to aim for a one stop process wherever possible with all diagnostic imaging done on the same day as the consultation.  In combination with the requirement to dilate the eyes for a majority of the patients they should expect to be with the service for a minimum of 1½ hours and they will be unable to drive home safely.

Who to Refer

Ophthalmology only for adult and paediatrics

Who not to Refer

Patients who do not meet the cataract threshold criteria

Clinical threshold for elective cataract surgery


The local team

  • Mr Aires Lobo, Clinical Director 01234 792 64
  • Lindsay Doyle Fisher, Service Manager

The local team will provide clinical advice and further resources will be listed in the future

Last updated: 02/07/2012

Update due: 02/07/2013