Integrated MSK Services

Integrated Musculoskeletal Service for Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire MSK Services provides a streamlined triage and treatment service for patients with musculoskeletal symptoms. Combining the expertise of multiple clinicians ensures that the patient receives the right treatment.

We endeavour to deliver high quality patient services with short waiting times, with appointments available in the evening or at the weekend as well as during the working week. We are innovative in our approach by empowering clinicians to lead the services they provide.

Once we have received the referral your case will be assessed by the multidisciplinary team and you will then be sent an appointment in the post for the Bedfordshire MSK Services. Alternatively, if it is felt more appropriate to refer you to another specialist outside of the Bedfordshire MSK Services, then your referral will be directed on for appropriate treatment.

MSK Information Leaflet

The MSK Hub should receive referrals for ALL MSK problems (other than the exclusions detailed below). This includes Community Therapies (physio, hand therapy, podiatry) Community MSK (ESPs/GPwSI's) Consultant Led Care (Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Neurosurgery, MSK Plastics, Podiatric Surgery, Pain Services)

Refer to Professional Allied to Medicine (Physio/OT/Podiatry/Orthotics)

  • For symptoms of persisting nature (e.g. >6 weeks)  
  • With failed self/GP directed treatment
  • Severity Score from 0-8

Referral to MSK GPwSI/ESP:

  • For symptoms of persisting nature (e.g. >6 weeks) unless urgent
  • With failed self/GP/community therapy treatment
  • Severity Score 4-12

Referral to Consultant:

  • Surgical (appropriate diagnostics/pathway completed, patient fit & willing for surgery)
  • Rheumatology (appropriate diagnostics/pathway followed)
  • Pain (condition >6 months with failed conservative management +/- Yellow Flags)

Please refer to MSK Triage Guidelines document by clicking here.

Bedfordshire MSK Service Scope

  • Under 18 years old
  • Significant Red Flags
  • Non MSK condition - e.g. podiatry referrals for diabetic patients, chiropody, neurological related disorders, falls
  • Chronic Fatigue Patients
  • Already under secondary care for the same condition
  • Maternity and gynae related conditions e.g SPD, pelvic floor or incontinence problems

Last updated: 02/10/2015

Update due: 02/10/2016