Phlebotomy Services


Bedford Hospital Blood Testing Services

If your GP has asked for you to get a blood test, the majority of tests can be done on a walk in basis at both Gilbert Hitchcock House on Kimbolton Road (MK40 2NU) and main outpatients on the first floor of South Wing (Ampthill Road).

If you have been asked to have a glucose tolerance test (GTT) this is by appointment only. Please ring 01234 792160 to make an appointment.

Children aged eight years and over can be tested in the walk in clinic at both hospitals. Children under eight must make an appointment at Riverbank ward, South Wing with the paediatric phlebotomist on telephone number: 01234 795721.

If you have been told or it is marked on your blood test card that your blood test requires you to fast, then you must not eat or drink anything apart from water for a minimum of 10 hours, otherwise your blood test cannot be undertaken.

If you are unsure about your blood test, please call ahead and check with the receptionist who will advise you accordingly on telephone number: 01234 792160.

Opening Times

South Wing: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm
North Wing: Monday to Thursday 8am to 4:30pm

Please note that from 30 January to 13 February the blood test area at North Wing is being refurbished. During this time blood tests will be taking place in the Enhanced Services Centre which is on the North Wing site. This location change is well signposted and a member of staff will be available to direct patients. The opening hours will remain the same throughout the refurbishment work.


South Wing: 01234 792160
North Wing: 01234 355122 ext. 3402


If you have a urine sample, please take this to the phlebotomy department at South Wing. If you have a stool sample, please take this to the microbiology department.

Last updated: 12/01/2016

Update due: 12/01/2017