Bedford Hospital Acute Assessment Unit


The Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) is a ward for medical and emergency patients who have been referred by their GP or A&E to undergo further assessment. When a patient arrives on the ward, they will be assessed by a nurse and observations and investigations will be carried out, the patient will then be seen by a doctor who will plan the diagnosis and treatment.

Acute Assessment  Unit Clinics :Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-5pm

The Acute Assessment Unit can be contacted via the main switchboard Telephone Number 01234 355 122

Who to Refer

  • People or patients with an unknown diagnosis despite appropriate GP investigation
  • People who require a medical second opinion of their GP diagnosis
  • People with a lack of response to therapy for presumed diagnosis
  • Patients seen at AAU or in one of the  clinics  who require ongoing review
  • Some  dermatology  patience in  infection process
  • People  withdrawing  from substances use
  • Stroke patients,   (if out of  the timeframe for thrombosis which is which is 3 hours from onset of symptoms) 

Referrals from A & E

Any patients that, in the opinion of the medical staff in A&E, requires referral to a specialist team for admission or further assessment must have had the following carried out prior to that referral being made.

  • Full medical examination.
  • Emergency interventions carried out.
  • Relevant radiological examinations.
  • Relevant blood tests.
  • Electrocardiogram if relevant.

Who not to Refer

  • People who require alcohol  detoxification only
  • Diabetes with related symptoms/complications-refer to diabetes service (see AAU acceptance guidance for diabetic patients)
  • Presumed ischemic chest pain-refer to the chest pain clinic
  • Possible stroke/TIA-refer to the  A & E or  T/A clinic only (if within the time frame for thrombosis which is which is 3 hours from onset of symptoms)  (link to stroke template)

Last updated: 06/07/2012

Update due: 06/07/2013