Falls Services in Luton

The Luton Falls Team provides a rapid response service for people living in Luton who have sustained a fall in their own home.  We work closely with the Ambulance Service and receive referrals directly from them.

On receipt of a referral, a Falls Support Worker will contact the person as soon as possible and arrange to visit them at home to complete a comprehensive assessment.   They will identify any additional support or equipment that may be required to enable the person to remain at home safely and any further referrals or recommendations to reduce their risk of further falls.  This may include any of the following:

  • A new or increased care package,
  • The provision of walking aids or other aids for daily living,
  • An environment check and recommendations to increase safety
  • Referral to other professions or organisations (e.g. Social Services, Community Assessment and Rehabilitation Team, Age Concern, District Nurses)
  • Advice to reduce the person's risk of further falls.

A follow up telephone call is made approximately 72 hours after the assessment to check that any services or equipment are working well.

The following people may be referred to the Falls Team by the Ambulance Service or by other healthcare professionals where the team may help avoid a hospital admission:

  • Living in Luton
  • Aged 18 and over
  • Had a fall at home within the last 24 hours
  • Assessed as medically stable and not requiring further assessment or treatment in A&E.
  • People who do not meet the above criteria.

NB.  If people are recurrent fallers but have not fallen within the previous 24 hours, the Falls Team is not able to assess them - Please see advice below for alternatives.

Last updated: 13/05/2014

Update due: 13/05/2015