Falls Physiotherapy

The falls physiotherapy service is run by the physiotherapy team and combines education and exercise together to help someone who has repeated falls or who is at risk of falling. Everyone referred to the falls programme will be offered an individual assessment

Aims of the service:

  • To help someone recover from falling
  • To promote independence and reduce the risk of further falls occurring in the future.
  • To increase a person's strength and balance
  • To improve a person's confidence
  • To enable continued independent living
  • To enable someone to continue with an active lifestyle

The physiotherapist will use the assessment session to assess strength, balance and confidence in order to help determine the specific problems which need to be addressed. From this assessment the team will ensure that the most suitable course of treatment is offered which may include:

  • Sessions offered on a one to one basis
  • Enrolment in a Falls group or Standing balance group who would provide 8 sessions in a community venue with a maximum of 12 individuals in the group. Each session lasts approximately 1½hours and includes:
    • Exercises to improve strength balance and confidence,
    • Information, advice and education on why falls occur and possible ways of preventing them.

Following completion of the group or 1:1 treatment, all individuals will be re-assessed. The same strength, balance and confidence measures will be used as a comparison to those carried out at the first assessment.

Advice will be given on how to maintain any improvements gained during the programme which could include:

  • An individual exercise programme which can be carried on at home
  • Continued participation in either a chair-based exercise group, or a standing exercise group (OTAGO). 

A review will also then be carried out after any continued input to check progress and try to help improvements to be maintained.

Falls Team contact details:

Falls Physiotherapy Team
Physiotherapy Department
Beeden House
Bedford Hospital
Kempston Road
MK42 9DJ

Tel:01234 795854
Fax:01234 795855

  • Anyone who has had one or more falls which have not been related to a specific medical condition
  • Anyone who is feeling unsteady on their feet or lacking in confidence

The referral is not appropriate for the Falls Physiotherapy Service if:

  • Falls are solely due to a medical condition which requires management
  • Falls are due to a lack of appropriate equipment or an environmental issue (these patients need to be referred to community OT or community physiotherapy through One Call on0845 6024064)
  • The patient has significant/severe memory problems or dementia which will impair their ability to engage

Last updated: 19/10/2016

Update due: 19/10/2017