North Bedfordshire Dietetics


What can dietitians do for you?

The dietetic service can offer one to one patient consultation, group education sessions and where appropriate domiciliary visits for patients with nutrition related problems.
The dietitian will provide evidence based, up-to-date and consistent dietary counselling and information.  Each one to one session will offer patients an individual nutrition assessment, tailored advice to meet an individual's nutritional need and social circumstances, an individual care plan, intervention and review of the patient and communication with referrer and care team.

Where appropriate, dietitians may provide nutrition education to various patient groups as part of a multi-disciplinary team approach to the patient's treatment.
In addition the dietitians also provide; nutrition training and updating for other Health Care Professionals, advice and consultancy and nutrition and health promotion.

Contact details for Horizon Health, Ivel Valley, and West Mid- Bedfordshire:

Dept Nutrition and Dietetics
Beeden House
Kempston Road
MK42 9DJ
Fax 01234 795855
Telephone : 01234 792171

North Bedfordshire Food First Team - a team of dietitans commissioned by NHS Bedfordshire to identify and review patients being prescribed oral nutritional support or paediatric formula in primary care (Horizon and Ivel Valley), plus train in the detection and management of malnutrition (elderly care homes, community staff) and correct use of specialist infant formula (health visitors).

Dietetic clinic venues

Currently, our service to community clinics is under review.  Please continue with your present referral system until further notice. For those marked * appointments are made at the surgery, not through the Nutrition and Dietetic Service, Bedford

  1. Ampthill Health Centre
  2. Bedford Hospital- Beedon House
  3. Bedford Hospital- in Speciality clinics
  4. Bedford Hospital- North Bedfordshire Diabetes Centre
  5. Biggleswade*
  6. Cater Street surgery, Bedford*
  7. Flitwick Surgery, Highlands*
  8. Goldington Road Surgery, Bedford
  9. King Street Surgery*
  10. Sandy Health Centre
  11. Shefford*

Who to Refer

Patients registered with a GP in Horizon Health, Ivel Valley, and West Mid- Bedfordshire with:

Long term Conditions

Obesity - pathway under development
Diabetes, type1, type 2, and IGT
Coronary Heart Disease

Nutritional Assessment and Support

Nutritional assessment and support
Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies

Neurological Conditions

Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME




Irritable Bowel Syndrome (pathway under development)
Coeliac disease follow up form (pathway under development) [LINK]
Inflammatory Bowel Disease e.g. Crohn's Disease
Diverticular Disease

Public Health Nutrition

Healthy Weight in pregnancy 


Food Allergy/Intolerance
Polycystic Ovary Disease

Who not to Refer

Patients who require support with weight loss with a BMI of < 30 with no co morbidities - refer to Weight Watchers or treat in Primary care

Patients who require support with weight loss with a BMI of < 28 with  co morbidities e.g. Impaired glucose tolerance

Patients with food allergies to uncommon foods e.g. shellfish, or self diagnosed intolerances for non specific issues  e.g. premenstrual tension.

Sports nutrition advice

Try BDA website as first line and then only of ongoing issues, referral would be accepted

Last updated: 22/07/2015

Update due: 22/07/2016