ICDS South Bedfordshire

The Integrated Community Diabetes Service (ICDS) is a specialist diabetes team works in the community to provide general practice care for patients in Bedfordshire.   Luton and Dunstable Hospital is the provider for the South Bedfordshire ICDS.

Key components of the ICDS Service are:

  • Specialist, close support for diabetes management in general practices, building confidence and competence in the practice
  • Multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment planning of newly referred GP patients offered at local clinics
  • Hard  to reach groups (including those who do not engage with secondary care)
  • Specialist guidance , support and training  for community healthcare professionals including staff at residential homes/hospices

Contact Details 

Beds ICDS Team
Office Phone Tel: 01582718431          Fax: 01582 718051  Email: ICDS@ldh.nhs.uk

South Bedfordshire Integrated Community Diabetes Services( ICDS) nurse-led community diabetes MDT clinics are held in South Bedfordshire at:

  • Grovebury Road Surgery, Ridgeway Court, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4SF
  • Dunstable Health Centre
  • Wheatfield Road Surgery, Luton
  • Patients with poorly controlled diabetes in otherwise stable patients
  • Patients with chronic raised HbA1c not achieving personal target
  • Patients with deteriorating but not requiring urgent intervention
  • Patients with complex conditions/ situations e.g. housebound or living in residential care
  • Patients with complex care, requiring "step down" from acute setting
  • Patients in the category of hard to engage groups
  • Newly diagnosed suspected Type 1 diabetes.
  • Children and transitional care.
  • Diabetic emergencies.
  • Acute foot problems.
  • Pregnancy and gestational diabetes.
  • Insulin Pumps.
  • Those with complex co-morbidities.

Patient fulfilling this criteria should be referred to the  Consultant  Diabetologist, Diabetes Centre, Luton and Dunstable Hospital , Lewsey Road, Luton LU4 0DZ

See Link to the Luton and Dunstable Diabetes Services Template

The Integrated Community Diabetes Service (ICDS) referral form
Fax: 01582 718051   Email: ICDS@ldh.nhs.uk

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All referrals to the Specialist Diabetes service should be send in the usual way to Luton  & Dunstable Hospital.  Referrals will then be triaged  by the consultant.   New patients seen in a Community Clinic will be assessed and then either returned to their practices with a plan or be sent on to the Hospital Clinic if they require more complex specialist care than that provided in community.

Last updated: 05/08/2013

Update due: 05/08/2014