Integrated Dermatology Services

The Bedfordshire Integrated Dermatology Service provides a streamlined 'One Stop Shop' triage and treatment service for all Bedfordshire patients with Dermatological conditions.
All Dermatology referrals are to be sent to this service where they will be reviewed and clinically triaged then directed to the most appropriate setting - either in Community or direct to hospital.

Patient pathway from GP referral flowchart

Community Clinics

Patients will be offered an appointment at a community clinic within 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of their referral into the service.
Appointments will be available across all of the five Bedfordshire localities. This means patients will have the opportunity to be seen in a clinic closer to home, at a time that is suitable for them.

The community clinics operate from:

Community Clinics
• Rothesay Surgery, 14 Rothsay Place, Bedford MK40 3PX                     
• Priory Medical Practice, Clapham, Bedford MK41 6G                   
• Wootton Vale Healthy Living Centre, Wootton MK43 9JJ                
• Ivel Medical Centre, Biggleswade SG18 0RA                                   
• Dr Cakebread & Partners, Shefford  SG17 5FS                       
• Asplands Medical Centre, Woburn Sands  MK17 8Q               
• Salisbury House Surgery, Leighton Buzzard  LU7 1RS         
• Houghton Close Surgery, Ampthill  MK45 2TG                    
• West Street Surgery, 89 West Street, Dunstable LU6 1SF     
• Toddington Medical Centre, Dunstable  LU5 6DE

Dermatology Health Trainer

An experienced Health Trainer is available to provide information resources to people with skin conditions and provide practical advice for better self- management. The Health Trainer also works with community groups across Bedfordshire to promote good skin health.

All patients (adults and children) presenting with Dermatological conditions (with the exception of Two Week Wait referrals and BCC over 2cm)). All referrals will then be clinically triaged and directed appropriately.

Procedures of Lower Clinical Value

These will not be accepted by the Bedfordshire Integrated Dermatology Service. These are listed in the attached and as updated and identified by the Guidance produced by The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire priorities forum.

Two Week Wait (2WW) referrals

GPs will continue to send suspected cancers on the appropriate 2WW form direct to hospital. These are not to be sent to the Bedfordshire Integrated Dermatology Service.

Referrals need to be made by a GP by completing the referral form and sent by email.


Last updated: 16/05/2018

Update due: 16/05/2019