Cardiology in the Community


The Bedfordshire Community Heart Failure Nurse Service

The Heart Failure Nurse Service aims to enhance the care of Mid and South Bedfordshire patients with a diagnosis of left ventricular systolic dysfunction, improving quality of life and ultimately to prevent avoidable admissions to the acute sector. This is achieved by focusing on improving patient self-management, through education and support.

The Service provides both ongoing clinical management of the condition, alongside the self-management advice and support components, and actively encourages the involvement of the family and carers. The Service does not aim to replace the HF management that already exists in Primary Care, but aims to be a service that will complement the existing care provided by the GP or Practice Nurse.

Both of the Specialist HF Nurses are independent Nurse Prescribers.

Community Warfarin Service

Community Warfarin Service

Who to Refer

  • Patients must have a confirmed diagnosis of heart failure by echocardiogram.
    (The service is predominantly set up for LVSD but other types of heart failure will be considered and this remains at the discretion of the HF Nurse)
  • The patient must have consented to the referral and is happy to be contacted by the Service.

Specific Clues For Secondary Hypertension

Who not to Refer

Patients who have not had a confirmed heart failure diagnosis by echocardiogram.

Last updated: 28/09/2015

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