Adult Audiology Service at Bedford Hospital


  • Hearing assessment for adults aged 55 years and over
  • Hearing aid provision and rehabilitation for adults aged 55 years and older
  • Reassessment of existing adult hearing aid users
  • On-going hearing aid maintenance and support for existing hearing aid users.

Who to Refer

Adults aged 55 years and over with hearing loss who meet the referral criteria-Please see referral form.

Please note: when seeking/receiving advice in regard to patient care and making referrals, NHS Connecting for Health Information Governance standards and policies must be adhered to.


Audiology Department
First Floor Beeden House
Bedford Hospital South Wing
Kempston Road
Bedford MK42 9DJ

Tel: 01234 792191 Fax: 01234 792012


Last updated: 17/05/2012

Update due: 17/05/2013