BCCG Primary Care Formulary

The aim of the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group Primary Care Formulary is to guide safe, evidence based, affordable first choice prescribing within the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. It does not aim to cover specialist drugs initiated in secondary or tertiary care. Policies and shared care arrangements for these drugs can be found within the Joint Prescribing Committee (JPC) section of this website.

The formulary is not intended to supercede NICE Technology Appraisals. Not all NICE approved drugs are appropriate for general initiation in primary care and so not all may be specifically mentioned. Clinicians can and should prescribe medicines approved by NICE TAs where patients meet the clinical criteria set out in the guidance and that it is the most appropriate treatment option in the clinical judgement of the treating clinician.BCCG

BCCG Medicines Management Contact List (July 2019)

Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Formulary

Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Formulary

Other Formularies

Infant Formula Guidelines - Guidelines for the prescribing of specialist infant formula in primary care - Updated Sept 2017

Oral Nutritional Supplements formulary

Wound Management Formulary Bedfordshire


All JPC guidelines can be found on the Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Prescribing Committee (JPC) page

Antimicrobial Guidelines (Bedfordshire and Luton Community antimicrobial guidelines - Updated June 2019)

Atrial Fibrillation Anticoagulation Resources

Flash Glucose Monitoring System

Vitamin D guidelines (Adults) :- Management of Simple Vitamin D Deficiency in adults > 18 years with eGFR >30ml/min

Vitamin D Guidelines (Paeds) :- Management of Simple Vitamin D Deficiency in Children and Young People upto 18 years in Primary and Secondary Care (excluding those with renal impairment eGFR < 30ml/min)

Specialist Drugs List

(Provides guidance to GPs on whether they should prescribe specialist drugs when requested by a Hospital Consultant)

Specialist Drugs List

The Medicines Management Team can offer advice if you are unsure whether to prescribe or not, so please do check first before issuing a prescription

BCCG Medicines Management Contact List (July 2019)

End of Life Care

Bedfordshire Palliative Care - Palliative Care Injectable Medicine Guide

BCCG End of Life Care Medicines Service - list of medicines

BCCG End of Life Care Medicines Service - list of pharmacies

OTC Self-Care & Gluten-free food

BCCG Self-care Page  Note: Includes position statement, leaflets & Schools Q&A.


BCCG Gluten-free food page  Note: Include BCCG policy & patient leaflet


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